Zapatillas Puma TX-3 Niño Azul Blanco

Sneakers Puma TX-3 Kids Blue White

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Puma TX-3 Child Blue White, in this new delivery model retrorunning Puma shoes TX-3 for children to create colors have been chosen as the base color of the shoe main blue in two variants one more fucking blue Navy and the other in a more halftone, to finish is to use the white color in details like the traditional sideband Puma and identifying different prints the model in question.
The velcro closure system guarantees a total subjection of the skin with high stability, besides being a more convenient system for removable daily.
Finally we have to mention that the midsole is made of EVA, lightweight, high performance cushioning and resistance material, vulcanized rubber outer sole complements and gives you that control demand the shoe.

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