Puma Leadcat Suede Gris Castor Oro

Puma Leadcat Suede Castor Grey Gold

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Puma Leadcat Suede Castor Grey Gold. This year 2018, is a very special year for the German brand Puma, when it is 50 years since the first launch of the mythical Puma Suede, one of the most emblematic silhouettes of the brand, for this reason Puma has decided to launch a series of collaborations and limited edition packs to commemorate this event, as well as launching different products on the market that refer to this legendary retro sneaker, like these fabulous Puma Leadcat Suede.

On this occasion we found a combination of color, in which a castor grey base was used, as the main element of the silhouette, which we can see covering almost the whole of it, except for small details in gold, like the different logos distributed by the sandal, the materials that have been used in the manufacture of this Puma Leadcat Suede, have been a selection of premium suede, combined with an inner padding and a midsole made of EVA, with which we achieve greater lightness, providing maximum comfort in each step.

Now you can find part of the new collection Spring Summer 2018, of the German brand Puma, visit our sneakers shop and online clothing thepoint.es.

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