Puma BOG Limitless Hi EvoKnit Negro

Puma BOG Limitless Hi EvoKnit Black

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Puma BOG Limitless Hi EvoKnit Black. The German brand Puma, returns with force for this new year 2017, and what better way to demonstrate it, than with a new version, one of its most important retro classics, such as the magnificent Puma Blaze Of Glory, which this time has been refurbished with the latest materials and technologies, achieving a new aesthetic, more advanced for this classic runner, have begun to endow this new version with Hi height, using with EvoKnit fabric main material, another highlight is its new media outsole with Ignite technology, replacing the effective Trinomic system, achieving fabulous results, for this new Puma sneaker.

We present an excellent colorway in which a base of black color has been used, as the main element of the shoe, which we can see occupying a good part of the silhouette, also we find details in cow color, besides a white color, that we can see covering a part of the midsole, the materials that have been used in the manufacture of this new sneaker, have been a selection of EvoKnit fabric, combined with different pieces made of premium leather, in addition to different synthetic fabrics, in the middle soles we find a block made in EVA, which achieves a much reduced weight, giving way to the great comfort offered by Ignite technology.

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