Puma Ignite Limitless Hi-Tech

Puma Ignite Limitless Hi-Tech

150,00 € tax incl.

Puma Ignite Limitless Hi-Tech. With the help of the new ambassador of the German brand Puma, comes this magnificent and innovative silhouette, part of the successful Ignite Limitless line, which has used the latest and latest materials, as well as technologies, to achieve a sneaker very versatile, all presented in a very efficient colorway, achieving excellent results, certainly a big bet of the German brand Puma, which starts strong this new year 2017, which awaits us many surprises of one of the brands that better is doing his job, as this great Puma Ignite Limitless Hi-Tech shows.

We present an excellent colorway in which a black base has been used as the main element of the shoe, combined with details in silver gray color, nuances in red, in addition to details in carbon, in the middle sole we see a silver color, which completely covers the entire surface, the materials that have been used in the manufacture of this new silhouette, have been a selection of different technical fabrics, insulation of the cold, or rain, forming a last generation upper, full of benefits, in the middle sole has been used EVA, a material, very light, which is combined with Ignite technology, achieving an amazing comfort, completing this new silhouette of the German brand Puma.

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