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Sneakers Diadora N9000 Green Cream

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Diadora N9000 Green Cream. This model of shoes has become the centerpiece of the new collections of the Italian brand, it was introduced by the brand in the 90s and today has been the shoe that has returned to Diadora to the top of a marked silhouette, for which the best materials available and magnificent color selections, are used in addition its midsole is extremely comfortable and light, details that have led to the great N9000 Diadora to be one of the models of shoes best selling the Italian brand in recent years, besides becoming the target of all the great contributions made by the brand in these past campaigns.

This time we present an excellent colorway in which we can see as the main base of the shoe a pastel green, which has been combined with a shade cream color and details in a white color, the latter covers almost all of the midsole, except for one detail in pastel green we see in the rear, in its outsole is a caramel color, materials that have been used in the making of this great colorway have been a selection of premium suede, combined with panels nylon mesh, as well as various synthetic fabrics, in the midsole has been used EVA expanded to achieve a superb balance between comfort and lightness.

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