Saucony Shadow 8000 "Dirty Snow Part 2"

Saucony Grid 8000 "Dirty Snow Part 2"

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Saucony Grid 8000 "Dirty Snow Part 2". A fast start to the new year, Saucony introduces us one of its premium packs, in which it uses the best of the best, in the manufacture of its sneakers, as shown by this impeccable Grid 8000, one of the most popular silhouettes of the line Originals, from Saucony, introduced on the market in 1993, a silhouette that stood out for being one of the first to incorporate the GRID system, in its midsole, which provides an unmatched comfort, an outsole prepared for long distances, and an amazing upper, which completes one of the most representative silhouettes of the 90's, a luxury for your feet, which is also presented in a very attractive colorway.

We present an excellent colorway in which different shades of gray have been used, as the main element of the shoe, which we see completely covering the upper and the middle sole, varying in intensity according to the area and material used, the materials that are Have used in the manufacture of this magnificent retro sneaker, have been a selection of premium nobuck, we can see perforated, combined with details in premium suede, nuances in 3M, and different synthetic fabrics, which form a luxury upper, on the mean outsole with expanded EVA, which achieves great lightness, which combines perfectly with the GRID system, which is responsible for offering unlimited comfort, completing this fabulous colorway.

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