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Zapatillas en oferta


  • At The Point Selected Sneakers we have a selection of clothing brands, one of the newly incorporated in our catalog is the Danish brand Anerkjendt, a relatively young brand that began production in 2012, presenting a different product line, and high quality details that made it stand out.

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  • A brand made in Spain, a detail that made a clear commitment to this young brand, and a careful quality product and we feel really good, without neglecting to anything that streetwear touch, but with the quality of a garment high end.

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  • Wrong lands in our online shop The Point, and presents his first collection, the Spanish clothing brand commitment very colorful, wild prints, and all the quality that offers a product created from 0 in our country.

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  • One brand that just added to our catalog recently Wrong is the Spanish brand, which presents its new Spring Summer 2015 collection, a collection of spectacular garments, loaded design, and very colorful, large collection of the Spanish brand.

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  • And everything you know is wrong, independent clothing brand Wrong presents his first collection of streetwear clothing, with exciting details, and the quality and craftsmanship of a product that is manufactured in Spain as a whole, other point more for these guys.

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  • We are very surprised at the new collection of the Spanish brand Wrong, which offers a high quality product, but with touches that make it irresistible streetwear, for the public does not want to neglect the elegance, but also a touch street.

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  • At The Point just received the new collection of the Spanish brand Wrong, a first collection that were thoroughly surprised with the good work, and finishes that have achieved in each of their garments, and seal made Spain.

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  • NFN Goumet again this winter season 2015 in cold season offers a catalog of sophisticated shoes that breaks the rule, creating different shapes that do not go unnoticed among the sneaker public, besides all bear the stamp of the treaty Gourmet Premium leather with working in each model.

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  • We have available the new collection of retro-running shoes Puma in the children's version of these, premium materials and a well executed finishes are some of its main features, besides having guarantees that always gives a brand like Germany, recognized internationally.

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