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  • One of the most special designs of the American brand Nike is again re-edited for this new Spring Summer 2016, the fabulous Nike Mayfly, again presented in an excellent colorway, a shoe ultra light designed for competition, with excellent results, as well of great comfort.

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  • Farah is synonymous with quality, elegance and design, a sample of these three virtues the English brand assembles this fabulous short-sleeved shirt, a manufactured with high quality materials, the best cotton available, garment getting excellent finishes and finishes.

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  • One of the most recognized brands across northern Europe is undoubtedly the English brand Farah, a brand that has a long history, wearing a lot of generations of young people since its inception, a very distinct and unique style, which they have achieved that fantastic reputation.

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  • One of the licenses most used by the French brand in the past and new collection has been to the film saga Star Wars, this new collection we can find small touches, like this fabulous shirt with short sleeves, which have been used image of several characters in the saga.

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  • Eleven Paris has experienced incredible growth in recent years, much of their success has to do with the fabulous collections presented so far and details that have made him stand out from the rest, like this fabulous short-sleeved shirt, one garment in which they have specialized.

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  • One brand that more representation are in northern Europe, Farah has a style that has persisted for decades, a style that has led them to be one of the most recognized brands at European level, with such great items like this shirt presented below.

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  • One of the most iconic brands in the United Kingdom in the recent history of fashion, Farah has become a reference at European level, offering a very unique style for a handful of decades, today this fantastic brand continues offering a high quality product.

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  • La marca inglesa Farah estrena su nueva colección pensada para la temporada de Primavera Verano 2016, una de las marcas referentes en el norte de Europa nos presenta detalles de calidad como esta fabulosa camisa de manga corta, fabricada con materiales de gran calidad, para conseguir unos acabados excelentes.

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  • Nike has one of the most powerful textile collections that are remembered so far, this time Flyknit have used the tissue to make its line Tech with exquisite results as proof of this gives this great T-shirt, a garment great quality and innumerable benefits.

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  • Oregon brand surprise us again with his new textile line for Spring Summer 2016, where we can find its new line Tech with a very significant development, all made with one of the tissue that has revolutionized the world of running, we talk about the fabulous fabric Flyknit.

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  • Puma presents the continuation of one of the most important contributions in this new Autumn Winter 2015 season, certainly we speak of the alliance with the American designer Chris Stamp, which this time presents a triple partnership for R698 shoe model.

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  • One brand that has shown most growth in recent times was undoubtedly Eleven Paris, thanks to its magnificent collections that have such fantastic items like this great college style jacket, made of high quality materials to achieve such spectacular finishes

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  • We incorporate our textile catalog a French brand specialized in manufacturing jogger pants, signature Sweet Pants comes to The Point with its magnificent jeans, stunning finishes and a style that characterizes them, Sweet Pants presents its new Autumn Winter collection 2015 .

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  • Eleven Paris presents a wide variety of jumpers in this new collection as presented below, high quality sweatshirt with a fabulous pattern made of cotton and polyester, with spectacular finishes as has become customary in the French brand.

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  • Eleven Paris has just presented its new collection for Autumn Winter 2015 season, a magnificent collection in which we find so elegant clothes like this long sleeve shirt, made of high quality cotton, with a regular cut and finishes youThey will leave very surprised.

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  • Eleven Paris is one of those brands that leaves no one indifferent with its clothing collections as spectacular as presented this Fall Winter 2015, in this collection we can find other very basic pendas and maintained, this time we present a basic tee great quality.

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  • Eleven Paris presents its expected 2015 Autumn Winter collection with a selection of great items like this great sweatshirt makes a clear homage to one of the great figures who gave Hip Hop music, nothing more and nothing less than the great Notorious Big.

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  • The new Autumn Winter 2015 collection of the French brand Eleven Paris lands at The Point and in it we find this great sweatshirt with an embroidered design of the legendary deceased rapper Tupac Shakur, a sweatshirt high quality and impeccable finishes.

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  • US firm Stampd presents his latest work by the German brand Puma creating a new model called Trinomic Sock slippers including the fabulous midsole Trinomic in a completely new and total absence of Laces model, one of the most anticipated collaborations Puma.

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  • The Danish brand Anerkjendt lands at The Point, with its new Spring Summer 2015 collection, a collection inspired by the city of Los Angeles, and where we can find a wide variety of shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies, all with motifs related to this fantastic city, and culture.

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