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Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece Pant Blue

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Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece Pant Blue. The new collection Tech Fleece Nike is now available at our online store, a division of the Sportswear line, which is giving great results, thanks to the convenience offered by each of the products forming this line, a selection of fabrics and exceptional manufacturing, resulting in the Tech Fleece line, this time we have a jogger pants, a garment that has become a cornerstone of the new collection, which attracts a large number of customers for their comfort, design and functionality.

This time we have a trouser jogger style, which has been used a base of dark blue, as the main base of the garment, which occupies much of it, combined with black color, as the brand logo that we can see on the front, laces waist, or inside pockets, few pockets have a zipper, plus waist, has two drawstrings, also has a close fit, which allows for a much more natural movement, the materials used in the manufacture of this great jogger pants have been a selection of cotton and polyester, with unrivaled comfort achieved.

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