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Nike Tech Knit Pocket Red

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Nike Tech Knit Pocket Red. A shirt that has been manufactured with the latest fabrics, the brand Oregon has moved to its line Sportswear, refer to the great fabric Flyknit, a combination of elastic fibers resulting in one of the most used by Nike in these tissues last campaigns, a fabric that offers a number of features perfect for training, proper temperature regulation, control perspiration and superb fit our silhouette, a piece of high quality, which can already be found in different colors.

This time we present a short-sleeved shirt in which we used a red base, as the main element of the garment, combined with a black color, we see spread across the shirt, small nuances ,, as pocket we see on the front, the brand logo of Oregon we see at the bottom front, or by the entire garment in the form of print, this shirt is made full fabric Flyknit, a combination of fabrics and elastic fibers, getting this high quality shirt.

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