Nike React Sertu Abeto Gris Humo

Nike React Sertu Faded Spruce Gunsmoke

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Nike React Sertu Faded Spruce Gunsmoke. This new silhouette belongs to the new THE10TH collection, a set of different silhouettes created to pay tribute to the founder of the American brand Nike, Bill Bowerman, who served in the tenth mountain division, of the United States Army, in each of the silhouettes that make up this collection stand out above all the selection of chosen materials, in addition to each design, it has the latest technological advances, as in this case, where the new React foam stands out.

On this occasion we have a color combination, in which a faded spruce colored base has been used, as the main element of the shoe, covering much of it and combined with details in a gunsmoke color, in addition to small nuances in a bicoastal color, the materials that have been used in the manufacture of this new Nike sneaker, have been a selection of suede, combined with leather panels, pony hair pieces and different synthetic fabrics, the midsole is built with the new React foam.

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