Nike Air Vapormax Plus Naranja Quemada Rojo Habanero

Nike Air Vapormax Plus Burnt Orange Habanero Red

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Nike Air Vapormax Plus Burnt Orange Habanero Red. From Beaverton we are presented with a new silhouette, in which two key elements in the history of the American brand Nike have been merged, on the one hand we have used the upper part of one of the most representative silhouettes of the 90s, an icon cultural, as is the classic Nike Air Max Plus, from which we find the upper part of this silhouette, combined with the new and brand new Air Vapormax technology, one of the referents of the Oregon brand at the moment, the result, a silhouette with excellent design and features.

On this occasion we have a combination of color, for which a burnt orange base has been used, as the main element of the shoe, which has been combined with a Havana red color, as well as details in a burgundy color, distributed by all the silhouette, the materials that have been used in the manufacture of this new Nike sneaker, have been a selection of different technical fabrics, combined with an exoskeleton, made of PU, in the midsole the revolutionary Air Vapormax technology, takes the command, offering a much more comfortable and reactive footprint.

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