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Nike Air Max Deluxe Black Navy

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Nike Air Max Deluxe Black Navy Blue. In 1999, the Oregon brand launched this fabulous silhouette, a sneaker that quickly caught the attention of the public, for different elements that made it stand out, as the different graphics that could be seen in the upper, a detail never before seen until then, also had reinforcements and details in 3M, which ran the silhouette, giving a revolutionary touch to this silhouette and very advanced in time, all this together with the successful midsole, introduced with the legendary Nike Air Max 97, 20 years later, the Beaverton brand offers us new color combinations for this classic.

On this occasion we have a color combination, for which a black base has been used, as the main element of the shoe, which we can see covering a large part of it and which has been combined with a navy blue color. of shades in violet, yellow fluor, blue or red, the midsole, has a white color, which completely covers the surface, the materials that have been used in the manufacture of this retro Nike sneaker, have been a selection of different synthetic fabrics, combined with pieces made of rubber, the midsole is constructed with foam, to gain lightness and comfort, while the complete unit Max Air, offers a much more cushioned and effective footprint.

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