Nike Air Max 97 Og Oro Metálico Rojo

Nike Air Max 97 Og Metallic Gold Red

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Nike Air Max 97 Og Metallic Gold Red. At the end of the 90s, the Oregon brand launched the eighth member of the Air Max saga, a true revelation, as it incorporated something never before seen in a silhouette of the saga, what would later become a point of inflection for the brand, adding this element to all its followers, we talked about the complete unit Max Air, visible in 360º, something that until now had not been contemplated and that demonstrated the clear superiority of the Oregon brand.

We present one of the two original color combinations of this retro Nike classic, for which a metallic gold base has been used as the main element of the shoe, which we can see covering almost the entirety, except for different details in red color, in addition to shades in black, in the midsole we find a white color, what covers the surface completely, the materials that have been used in the manufacture of this retro sneaker from Nike, have been a selection of premium leather, combined with mesh panels and different synthetic fabrics, the midsole made of foam, to add lightness, while the Max Air unit is responsible for offering greater cushioning and comfort.

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