Nike Air Max 97 Ul '17 SE Kaki Tierra

Nike Air Max 97 Ul '17 SE Khaki Sand

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Nike Air Max 97 Ul '17 SE Khaki Sand. When it is 20 years since the first launch of this legendary silhouette, the American brand Nike presents us with a new Ultra version, in which state-of-the-art materials have been applied, completing a sneaker loaded with new features, respecting the classic lines of this piece of history of the North American brand, as details to emphasize we find an inner sock of neoprene and a new system of cords, are some of the details to stand out of this new version, without neglecting to mention the effective technology Air 360º, that travels completely the midsole, offering greater comfort and efficiency.

On this occasion we found an excellent colorway, for which a khaki-colored base has been used, as the main element of the shoe, which we can see covering a large part of the upper part, and the whole of the midsole, with the exception of the inside of the camera of air, where we find a color earth, which we can also see combined in the upper, in addition to small details in black, the materials that have been used in the manufacture of this new version of the retro classic Nike Air Max 97 Ultra, have been a selection of premium suede, combined with nylon panels, 3M, an inner neoprene sock and other synthetic fabrics, the midsole constructed with EVA, to achieve a much lower weight, making way for the great comfort offered by AIR technology.

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