Nike Flyknit Racer Oreo

Nike Flyknit Racer Oreo

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Nike Flyknit Racer Oreo. This new sneaker was introduced in the market in 2012, offering one of the most representative novelties of recent times, Flyknit fabric, an infallible weapon, used by Nike, which achieves a series of unique features, never seen before in a sports shoes, a greater perspiration, a total absence of seams, adding more comfort, besides a much smaller weight, in short one of the most exquisite advances that have been known in recent times. In this sneaker we find all these benefits, besides a magnificent presentation, achieving a perfect combination of style and functionality.

This time we have one of the most sought after colorways for the Nike Flyknit Racer silhouette, the desired "Oreo", which uses a black base, which has been combined with a white color, forming this magnificent upper, in the midsole we find the same combination, a white base, with details in black color, the materials that have been used in the manufacture of this magnificent sneaker, have been a selection of Flyknit fabric, combined with different synthetic fabrics, its half outsole built with absorbent EVA, achieving a better response in each step, in addition to achieving a much reduced weight.

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