Nike Air Max 1 Ultra SE Prm Total Black

Nike Air Max 1 Ultra SE Prm Total Black

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Nike Air Max 1 Ultra SE Prm Total Black. One of the most representative silhouettes of the company of Beaverton, in this new collection Fall Winter 2016/17, presents us this new version of a classic, in which the latest advances discovered by the brand have been used, to obtain an upper and midsole, much lighter, comfortable and breathable, has also presented in an excellent colorway, as a final colophon to this new version of the magnificent retro sneaker Nike Air Max 1. This sneaker first saw the light in the year 1987, after a break in production, was again available on the shelves, in 1989, suffering some variation from the first launch, the most notable, the AIR bubble, of the heel was considerably smaller.

This time we have an excellent combination of color, where different shades of black have been used, to give life to this sneaker, which we can see occupying the whole of the silhouette, both in the upper and the middle sole, the materials that have been used in the manufacture of this magnificent retro sneaker, have been a selection of various synthetic fabrics, to obtain an upper, very light, breathable and with a total absence of seams, in the middle sole has been used Phylon, a material that reduces the final weight in a very remarkable way, combined with the effectiveness and comfort of the AIR system, complete this new reissue of the classic Nike Air Max 1.

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