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Nike Mayfly Blue White. A model of shoe that was designed for the practice of running in competition, with a lifespan of 100 kilometers this model of shoe has a total weight of 135 grams something that made him an infallible weapon for the runners at the time, it was introduced on the market in 2003, since then this classic has been reissued in different versions, this new reissue the American brand Nike presents three excellent colorways, one that we present below.

We present a magnificent colorway for which it has been used a medium blue as the main element of the shoe, combined with a white color that we see spread across the silhouette in details in the upper and covering the whole of the midsole, the materials which have been chosen in the manufacture of this retro classic have been selected premium suede we can see occupying the top of the upper and rear part of the heel, all combined with panels of nylon and various synthetic fabrics, in midsole has been used Phylon, a very light material also provides excellent comfort.

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