New Balance M997 WEA "Made In Usa"

New Balance M997 WEA "Made In Usa"

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New Balance M997 WEA "Made In Usa". One of the silhouettes that has become the standard of the "Made In Usa" line, which can be found in a very limited selection of color combinations, a sneaker that was one of the most valued silhouettes in the 90s, when it was introduced to the market for the first time, since then it became one of the most desired shoes by runners from around the world, nowadays it is synonymous with elegance and distinction, being the key piece of one of the most exclusive lines of the Maine brand.

On this occasion we have a color combination, for which a white base has been used, as the main element of the shoe, which we can see covering a large part of it and that has combined a black color and details in colors violet and turquoise, the midsole has a white base, which covers a large part of the surface, combined with details in the most striking colors of the combination, the materials that have been used in the manufacture of this premium New Balance sneaker, have been a selection of premium leather, combined with premium suede, mesh panels and other synthetic fabrics, the midsole is constructed with foam and polyurethane, achieving the Encap technology, which offers a more cushioned tread, in addition to greater durability.

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