New Balance M1500 UKG "Made In England"

New Balance M1500 UKG "Made In England"

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New Balance M1500 UKG "Made In England". The leading brand in retro running, offers a new reissue of one of the color combinations most demanded by fans of the US brand, this time the model New Balance M1500 UKG, a colorway, which has become an object of desire for the biggest collectors of the brand, who must be very happy, since this year, have been able to get several of the most sought after and coveted, such as this, is to say the quality of the materials that have been used, in addition of manufacturing, which has been made entirely in Flimby, details of quality, for this new and awaited launch of the classic retro New Balance M1500.

This time we have a colorway Og, for the classic retro M1500, which has used a gray base, which we can see covering the entire upper, varying intensity, depending on the area and materials, we can also see small shades in a navy blue, details in white and in black, in the middle soles a base of white color, occupies much of it, with details in gray, blue, or black color, the materials that have been used in the manufacture of this magnificent pair of runners, have been a selection of premium nobuck, combined with panels of mesh, details in premium leather and different synthetic fabrics, in the middle sole has been used EVA, with a coating of polyurethane, to achieve a block much lighter, durable and extremely comfortable, forming the Encap system.

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