New Balance M1500 NBB "Reptile Edition"

New Balance M1500 NBB "Reptile Edition"

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New Balance M1500 NBB "Reptile Edition". We present you one of the most recognized silhouettes of the American brand New Balance, manufactured in Flimby, this piece of the history of New Balance was introduced in the market in 1989, a sneaker, that caught all eyes, and the attention of the best runners of the time, incorporating in its midsole the effective Encap system, which in addition to providing great stability in each step, achieved a very reduced final weight, to this day this retro sneaker has become the object of desire of the biggest collectors of the brand, a piece of running history, which we can find in colorways as fascinating as the one we present below.

A colorway in which a black base has been used as the main element of the shoe, which we can see occupying the whole of the upper, on the other hand in its middle sole we can see a white color, covering a good part of the surface, combined with details in gray, the materials that have been employed in the manufacture of this magnificent sneaker, have been a selection of premium nobuck, with engraved snake effect, combined with details in smooth leather, 3M and different synthetic fabrics, in the midsole an EVA base with a polyurethane coating, which forms the Encap system, has been used, which achieves great comfort, lightness and greater durability with the passage of time.

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