Zapatillas New Balance MRT580 DI x Wings + Horns

Sneakers New Balance MRT580 DI x Wings + Horns

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New Balance MRT580 DI x Wings + Horns. We present the latest collaboration created by Wings + Horns for New Balance, the Canadian clothing company, returns to the fray, using the latest technologies discovered by New Balance, together with materials of high quality, as part of the project have chosen a silhouette and is familiar, the model of shoes MRT580, with the Reengineered system as a fundamental piece, a cut of material to laser mounted on three panels, getting give a fine design to this classic magnificent retro, it has also been used perfect for this time of year, getting a set of unique features, other details of high quality, breathable material is the rear part we can see in the heel whipstitch style, this latest collaboration has customized templates, made of leather.

We present an excellent colorway in which we can see as a beige color, which covers the entire upper and much of the midsole, where we can also see a white main element of the shoe, the latter completely occupies all outsole, the materials employed in the manufacture of this excellent cooperation signed by Wings + Horns have been selected premium suede, combined with the rear heel piece in smooth leather, plus the interior area of ​​the shoe made of neoprene fabric in the midsole it has been used Rev Lite system, a new lightweight system that provides a unique comfort.

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