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New Balance MFL574 NO. The American brand continues to surprise us with things as great as this new and modified MFL574, the Silhouette brand excellence, you have applied the latest discoveries in technology, such as the average magnifies sole technology Fresh Foam, foam last generation that has unique properties, excellent lightness, an extraordinary recovery and unmatched comfort more you know, all this combined with a new upper, breathable materials and last generation, a luxury.

This time we have an excellent colorway in which we used a black base color as the main element of the shoe, we see occupying almost the entire upper, except for some detail on a blue sky and shades in white, the latter we see covering the entire midsole, the materials used in the manufacture of this new design shoes are a selection of the latest fabrics with breathable properties, combined with the average magnifies sole technology Fresh Foam a model perfect for everyday slippers.

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