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New Balance KL580 BKG. This model of slippers is part of the history of American brand New Balance, one of the essential classic for any lover of the American brand now designed for smaller, this model of shoe was introduced by the American brand in 2003, a model that was created thought in the Asian market, where it has become a cult object for lovers of New Balance, later was brought to the American and European markets, with excellent results definitely an imperative that can already use the smallest of the house.

This time we present an excellent colorway in which we can see a black color as a main element of the shoe, combined with small details in a gold and shades color in a red tone in the midsole we can see a white as the main element the shoe, shades in red and its outsole color candy, materials used in the manufacture of this classic essential retro have been a selection of premium suede, combined with panels of mesh, details in smooth leather and various synthetic fabrics, in the midsole expanded EVA has been used as the main material, achieving comfort and lightness in large doses.

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