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Sneakers New Balance U320 AC

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New Balance U320 AC. We have one of the models of shoes with the longest history in the world of running, the great classic retro U320, one of the first shoe created specifically for the practice of running, launched in 1975 and used by runners renowned as the winner of the Boston marathon, Tom Fleming among many others, a model of shoes that stood out for the lightness offered, thanks to its excellent midsole, a minimalist upper, built with high quality materials to provide a sense unique comfort, a set of features that made it stand out from others and thus began the legend of one piece of the history of running.

This time we present a colorway for which it has used a black color as a main element of the shoe, combined with a white color, we can see distributed throughout the silhouette, creating a perfect blend of colors on the outsole we see a caramel color that covers the entire surface, the materials used to manufacture this classic retro have been selected premium suede, combined with panels of nylon and synthetic fabric, in the midsole has been used EVA dual density, resulting in a weight and providing excellent comfort.

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