Toalla Jason Markk Microfibras Premium

Towel Jason Markk Microfiber Premium

15,00 € tax incl.

Jason Markk Premium Microfiber Towel. In the range of brand products Jason Markk we can find all kinds of products needed to maintain our precious collection of sneakers, in perfect condition, this time we have a special towel, which provides the correct drying our shoes once employed Jason cleaner Markk product.

The American brand presents a case containing a towel microfiber, designed to complete optimally cleaning the shoes, once the cleaning process of the shoe is finished, we can use this product to thorough drying, without causing any damage , to either side of our sneakers, a product of high quality, which can be washed without any problem for later use.

Now available in our online product range of the leading manufacturer of cleaning products for Jason Markk store brand sneakers.

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