Zapatillas Gourmet The Quadici Lite Blvck Scvle Negro Azul

Sneakers Gourmet The Quadici Lite Blvck Scvle Black Blue

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The Gourmet Lite Quadici Blvck Scvle Black Blue, this time the guys from Black Scale model designs Quadici California brand Gourmet, using as the main color on all parts who make the shoe black, that if in different textures and finish do distinguish accurately the lines of this model clearly differentiating the parties with which the shoe is made.
Details on the tabs and the identification label with the initials of the streetwear brand clothes in medium blue with white letters printed conspicuously highlighted and also give it that touch of color that both demand the shoe.
The EVA midsole is a real breakthrough in this type of footwear as it gives an added lightness and comfort that closely resembles that of any sneaker, with the same features but in a sort of more elegant and sophisticated footwear. One of the details of this floor is dotted design in gray on off-white base in itself and takes the floor.
The materials with which this elaborate this casual shoe are completely combined and smooth skin premium and highly impermeable synthetic fabrics.

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