Gourmet Libero x "A Number Of Name" LX

Sneakers Gourmet Libero x "A Number Of Name" LX

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Gourmet Libero x A Number Of Names LX, this season is full of surprises from the American Italian firm with its already famous finishes in fur left us speechless, as this material is treated by skilled craftsmen in the art of fantasy skin.

This time the Libero model is chosen by both partners, single cut giving all her attention to the patterns and finishes formidable carrying the skins with this perfectly tailored. In this fantasy decided to stamp an animal print with cheetah spots features a black on a blue-gray base with a final finish gloss.

The smooth leather pieces that comprise the part of the cheek through which pass the laces, the top of the tongue and the dropouts are presented in plain black, highly consistent with the color scheme of the model.

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