Zapatillas Gourmet NFN The Quadici Lite Cyan Blanco

Sneakers Gourmet NFN The Quadici Lite Cyan White

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Gourmet NFN The Quadici Lite Cyan White, we at the online store of sneakers The Point with one of the benchmarks of the NFN Gourmet sneaker brand, model Quadici NFN Gourmet Lite shoes for this Fall 2016 comes in a beautiful and striking blue with white midsole and clothes splattered in black blue.

The Quaduci model is inspired by the ancient waders in Northern Europe, with a strengthened at the front which is sealed so as to prevent leakage of fluids.

The style in the model certainly does not show leaves no one indifferent, this being a refined model that resembles a fancy shoe with small details that differentiate and giving it a more casual look that still NFN Gourmet He is true to its principles.

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