Fila Disruptor V Low Atlántico Profundo

Fila Disruptor V Low Atlantic Deep

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Fila Disruptor V Low Atlantic Deep. If we talk about one of the silhouettes that has had the greatest impact in this year 2018, we undoubtedly have to name this sneaker, a silhouette that Fila has created, inspired by one of its archival models of the 90s, modifying different aspects, to get this new Fila Disruptor, which has become one of the fundamental pieces of the new collections, so we have new combinations of color and materials, as effective as this that we present below, with some finishes excellent

On this occasion we have a new color combination, for which a base of atlantic deep color has been used, as the main element of the shoe, which we can see covering the entire upper, while in the midsole, we see a color white bone, which completely covers the surface, the materials that have been used in the manufacture of this new Fila sneaker, have been a selection of suede, combined with different synthetic fabrics, in the midsole foam has been used, with the that we get a lower final weight, in addition to providing a more effective and comfortable footprint.

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