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Fila Disruptor Low White

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Fila Disruptor Low White. Without doubt we are in front of one of the most sought after silhouettes by the girls for this new campaign, a sneaker of very marked lines, that has been seen in the feet of the bloggers and influencers more reputed of the world of the fashion, made with materials of high quality and presented in several combinations monochrome, so that you find it very easy to find the option that best suits your needs, for now we leave you with the first of it, a choice of color infallible, for the silhouette of this new revelation campaign Autumn Winter 2017-18, the new Fila Disruptor Low.

This time we present an excellent colorway, for which a white base has been used, which we can see covering a large part of the shoe, both upper and middle sole and has combined with different shades in red and navy blue, the main colors of the brand, which we see located in the different logos distributed by the shoe, the materials that have been used in the manufacture of this great sneaker of Fila, have been a selection of premium leather, which has been combined with different synthetic fabrics, while its midsole has been constructed with absorbent EVA, material, which achieves greater lightness, in addition to providing excellent comfort.

Fila has already arrived with its latest collection Fall Winter 2017-18, which you can find in our sneakers and clothing store online

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