Fila FX100 Low Blanco

Fila FX100 Low White

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Fila FX100 Low White. One of the most representative silhouettes of the Italian brand, which we can find in different heights, such as Mid, or Low, this version, a sneaker that was introduced in the market in the 90's, being one of the first shoes created by Fila, for the practice of basketball, a direct jewel from the archives of the Italian brand, in addition we can find it in one of its colorways Og, where the basic colors of the brand are made patent, manufactured with high quality materials, obtaining a product that guarantees a higher quality, besides having a new packaging, undoubtedly a very careful work, which shows us the new collection Autumn Winter 2017-18 of Fila.

This time we have an excellent colorway, for which a white base has been used as the main element of the shoe, which we see combined with a navy blue, what occupies the interior area of ​​the shoe and the half sole to in addition to some detail in the upper, where we also find nuances in red, the materials that have been used in the manufacture of this mythical Fila sneaker, have been a selection of premium leather, combined with different synthetic fabrics, in the midsole has been used EVA absorbent, which provides a great comfort and response in each step, in addition to greater lightness and durability.

Discover the new collection FW 17-18, from the mythical Italian brand Fila, which you can already find in our sneakers and clothing store

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