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Fila 95 Black White. One of its most representative silhouettes, introduced in the market in 1995, a sneaker created for the practice of basketball, used by a large number of players of the time, light, comfortable and very versatile, without a doubt one of the most silhouettes known to the Italian brand, which today we can find in one of his colorways og, undoubtedly one of the silhouettes that marked the 90s, used by one of the greats of the NBA, the mythical Grant Hill, who at that time he played for the Detroit Pistons, one of the best players of that decade, undoubtedly one of the most representative sneakers of the Italian brand, which returns again, to the pleasure of nostalgic and lovers of sneaker culture in general.

We present one of its colorways og, in which a base of black color has been used as the main element of the silhouette, which we can see covering almost the whole of it, excepting details in red and white, as the different logos of the Italian brand, which we see distributed by the silhouette, the materials that have been used in the manufacture of this piece of history of the Italian brand, have been a selection of premium leather, combined with premium suede panels, in addition to different fabrics synthetic, the midsole is constructed with absorbent EVA, which achieves greater lightness, providing great comfort, as well as durability.

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