Camiseta Eleven Paris Rainier M Negro

T-shirt Eleven Paris Rainier M Black

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Eleven Paris Rainier M Black. The French brand has become a world reference in recent years, which has stood out for its excellent collections, which can be seen wearing an inimitable quality, combined with a more striking design, all this added to the excellent price which counts each garment have managed to catapult this brand of clothing streetwear to the top, occupying the shelves of stores around the world, ThePoint we present his new collection designed for Spring Summer 2016, where we can find things so great as this fabulous shirt.

Here is a shirt excellent short sleeve is manufactured with 100% cotton high quality, the shirt is packaged in a black color that covers the entire garment, a detail highlight of this fabulous garment is the ending we can see , being longer in the back and shorter in the front, giving a touch of design to this fabulous garment, on one side we can see a distinct label with the name of the French brand.

One of the best collections of Eleven Paris known to date, is now available in our store shoes and clothing online

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