Turbokolor Crewneck Lucky Cat Negro

Turbokolor Crewneck Lucky Cat Black

79,90 € tax incl.

Turbokolor Crewneck Lucky Cat Black. A brand based in the heart of Eastern Europe, founded in 2009 by Pawel Swansky and a group of friends from childhood, moved by the creation of a brand capable of creating its own streetwear style, inspired by the day to day in the city and a love for skateboard, offer the public a wide variety of sweatshirts, t-shirts, jackets, or pants, made of high quality materials, using very current designs and getting a very competitive price, a brand that Seems to us a clear example of how to do things, to stand out in this difficult sector.

On this occasion we present an excellent sweatshirt in which a black base has been used as the main element of the sweatshirt, which covers a good part of it, on the front of the garment we see the fabulous print "lucky cat" and the Logo of the Polish brand, in which various colors have been used, such as white, gold and red, has round neck and classic cut, this garment is made of 100% cotton composition of great quality, to get a garment durable, very comfortable and of great quality, a small sample of the great work done by the Polish brand Turbokolor.

Now you can find a small sample of the new collection Fall Winter 2016/17 of the Polish brand Turbokolor, visit our sneakers shop and clothes on line thepoint.es.

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