Polo Lacoste Live Gráfico x JonOne

Polo Lacoste Live Grhapic x JonOne

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Polo Lacoste Live Grhapic x JonOne. In the 80's this great street artist began to till what today has become a legend of graffiti, so much so that this amazing street artist has managed to publish his work in countless art galleries, even worked to the French government, this time collaborated with the French brand Lacoste Live in a thrilling capsule collection, as shown in this great pole that follows, a center that explains the vision of this characteristic street artist.

We present a fabulous polo made of 100% cotton of the highest quality, presented in a gray color as the main base of the garment, combined with the impetuous artist JonOne street style, where we can see walking the entire garment that style so characteristic of this great graffiti, giving it a classic piece of French marks a totally amazing and groundbreaking urban look.

Discover all the work created by the street artist Jonone for the French brand Lacoste Live visiting our store shoes and clothing online thepoint.es.

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