Elvine Abbott Negro Blanco

Elvine Abbott Black White

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Elvine Abbott Black White. If we talk about the Swedish brand Elvine, we must go back a few years ago, when a family project led to what today has become one of the marks references worldwide, offering quality in each of their garments excellent, using the best materials available and without neglecting minimal design each, achieving a perfect combination of functionality, comfort and durability, as shown in this excellent short-sleeved shirt, featuring excellent finishes.

We present a magnificent short-sleeved shirt in which is used a black base color as the main element of the shirt, you can see occupying almost all the same, except the central print in a circle, where we see a color white as a base, with a pattern of black stripes, this excellent shirt is made using cotton best quality possible to achieve a durable and very comfortable garment has a slightly longer than the front back cut, a piece of great quality with unbeatable style and design.

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