Mod Wave Movement Industrial Pants Blanco

Mod Wave Movement Industrial Pants White

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Mod Wave Movement Industrial Pants White. The latest trends come from the young Japanese brand Mod Wave Movement, a brand that dedicates its effort to present the latest in fashion, creating amazing collections, in which we find details of great quality, each of the collections that create, have a limited number of garments, to get the most exclusivity possible, always use high quality materials, to get first-class clothes, but always respecting a very competitive price, excellent work, which translates into collections as fabulous as this, where you can find things as special as this pants.

This time we have a pair of trousers, in which a base of white color has been used as the main element of the garment, which we can see covering almost the whole of it, except for the four bands we see distributed by the pants, in which we can see a yellow color with details in black and red color, this trousers features a classic cut and two side pockets, the materials used in the manufacture of this magnificent Mod Wave Movement trousers have been a selection of cotton 95 %, combined with 5% polyester, achieving a very comfortable garment, very durable and of a great quality.

All the latest innovations of the Japanese brand Mod Wave Movement, you already have them available in our sneakers and clothing store

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