Mod Wave Movement Industrial Sweatshirt Blanco Rojo

Mod Wave Movement Industrial Sweatshirt White Red

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Mod Wave Movement Industrial Sweatshirt White Red. This brand is characterized by the design they print on each of their garments, being a brand dedicated to the search for new trends, to get the most innovative collections, another detail that makes them stand out is the limited number of garments they manufacture in each collection, making it a much more exclusive product, all this made with high quality materials, achieving magnificent finishes, always respecting a very competitive price, so that you can get a quality garment, with the latest in design, without having to shell out a large amount of money.

This time we have a sweatshirt, which has used a white base, as the main element of the garment, covering almost all of it, except the bands we see in each of its sleeves, where we find a red color and details in black, in addition to a handle that we see in the back, in a cream color, with detail in red, this sweatshirt features an asymmetric and oversize cut, where its sleeves are extra long and the front is shorter, than the back, has an open round neck, the materials that have been chosen for the manufacture of this magnificent sweatshirt, have been a combination of 95% cotton, plus a 5% polyester, getting a garment of great quality, besides comfortable and durable.

If you are passionate about fashion street, discover the Japanese brand Mod Wave Movement, which you already have available in our sneakers and clothing store

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