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Mod Wave Movement Asym Hoodie Black

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Mod Wave Movement Industrial Asym Hoodie Black. When we first saw this young brand, we were very surprised at the great quality it offered in each of its products, not to mention the fabulous design that each of his clothes obtained, forming a collection that we decided to have in our store, a collection of which we can not emphasize anything in particular, since each of the garments stands alone, as this hooded sweatshirt shows, a work of great quality, with excellent finishes, which leave a good sample of the great work made by the young brand Mod Wave Movement.

On this occasion we present an excellent hoodie, which has used a black base, as the main element of the sweatshirt, which we can see covering almost the whole of it, except in the bands we see in each one of its sleeves, where we find colors such as red or white, which we also find in the back, in the different embroidered patches that are seen, this hoodie, has an asymmetric and oversize cut, the front is longer than the rear, in addition to having extra long sleeves, has adjustable hood, plus kangaroo pockets, the materials that have been used in the manufacture of this fabulous sweatshirt, have been a selection of 90% cotton, combined with a 10% polyester, for a very comfortable and durable garment.

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