Mod Wave Movement Industrial Hoodie Negro

Mod Wave Movement Industrial Hoodie Black

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Mod Wave Movement Industrial Hoodie Black. If there is a garment that demonstrates the great work done by this young brand, it is undoubtedly this hooded sweatshirt, a sample of the quality they print in each of the garments that make up their collections, which are not missing the latest trends, which are part of their philosophy of life, in addition each collection has a limited number of units, to ensure that the product is something exclusive, details that have managed to make this young brand a reference in today's world of fashion.

This time we have a hooded sweatshirt, in which a black base has been used as the main element of the garment, covering almost all of it, except for the two bands that we can see in each one of them. its extra long sleeves, in which are appreciated the colors white and red, this hoodie features an adjustable hood, an asymmetrical cut, where the sleeves are extra long and the front end of the garment, curved, materials have been used in the manufacture of this hooded sweatshirt, have been a composition of 90% cotton, combined with 10% polyester, in such a way that a garment of great quality is achieved, offering comfort and durability in large doses.

Now you can enjoy the new collection FW 17-18 of the Japanese brand Mod Wave Movement, visit our sneakers and clothing store

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