Mod Wave Movement Army Tee Azul

Mod Wave Movement Army Tee Blue

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Mod Wave Movement Army Tee Blue. When we first saw this young brand, we were very surprised with the collection, a brand that is dedicated to look for the latest trends in the world of fashion, and then move them to their collections, always offering a current product and high quality, another detail that highlights this young brand, is the limited number of garments manufactured by each model, achieving a product more exclusive and limited, adding another incentive to your young history, certainly one of the brands you go to hear talk and that we introduce you before that.

This time we have a short sleeve t-shirt, which has used a cobalt blue base, as the main element of the shirt, which we can see covering much of it and has been combined with different elements in color red, in addition to different patches in black and white, the shirt has a round neck and an asymmetric cut, being shorter by the front area, than by the back, materials that have been used in the manufacture of this fabulous garment, have been a selection of 70% cotton, combined with 30% polyester, getting a really comfortable garment, as well as very durable.

Discover the latest trends from the Japanese brand Mod Wave Movement, which you already have available in our sneakers and clothing store

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