Mod Wave Movement Jesus Tee Negro Blanco

Mod Wave Movement Jesus Tee Black White

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Mod Wave Movement Jesus Tee Black White. This Japanese brand is an expert at catching trends. In each of its collections, the latest in fashion, formed in Japan, by a group of fashion enthusiasts, Mod Wave Movement, has become a reference at all levels worldwide, and in every new collection they present, they show the great passion that they move, showing great quality garments, with an amazing design, as shown by this long sleeve shirt, full of details of great quality, to offer a fix the last.

This time we have a long sleeve t-shirt, which has used a white base, as the main element of the garment, which has been combined with a black striped pattern, which completely surround the shirt , we can also see details in red, such as the patches found in the ends of the sleeves, has a round neck and a curved cut, the materials that have been used in the manufacture of this great shirt, have been a selection of 95 % cotton, combined with 5% polyester, making it a very comfortable and very durable garment.

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