Champion Waist Pack Negro

Champion Waist Pack Black

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Champion Waist Pack Black. One of the biggest surprises of recent times was the return of the legendary Champion brand, leader in the 80s and 90s, making sportswear, a long-awaited return, which has resulted in a wide variety of sportswear and accessories, always with a characteristic style, which perfectly identifies this great brand, quality details, first-class materials and magnificent finishes, details that have once again achieved that one of the leading brands in the manufacture of sportswear, is again at the top high.

On this occasion we have a handbag, in which a black base has been used as the main element of the product, which we can see covering almost all of it, except, details in gold, in addition to the classic logo embroidery, where we see the representative colors of the American brand, such as red, blue, or white, this handbag has two pockets, one upper and one central, with zippers of high quality, plus an adjustable strap .

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