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Champion x Wood Wood Judd Hoodie White

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Champion x Wood Wood Judd Hoodie White. One of the most awaited returns to the world of streetwear, the Champion Americans are back with their characteristic vision of this world, for this they have chosen a magnificent strategy, joining the most relevant brands of the moment, creating unique collections, in which you can see the best of each of the players, as evidenced by the latest capsule collection, created by the Danes of Wood Wood, for Champion, a sample of the great creativity of the Danes, coupled with the great quality that brings the American brand in each of its garments, resulting in a selection of mind-blowing garments.

This time we have an excellent hooded sweatshirt, which has used a white base, as the main element of the garment, which we can see covering almost the whole of it, except for the central logo, where we can see a rectangle in blue, accompanied by the corporate letters of each of the two brands involved in this collection, at the end of the left sleeve, we find an embroidered patch of the American brand Champion, this hoodie has adjustable hood and a classic cut, the materials that have been used in the manufacture of this fabulous hoodie, have been a selection of cotton at 80%, combined with 20% polyester, achieving a very comfortable and very durable garment.

You already have available in our sneakers and clothing store, the latest news of the American brand Champion.

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