Asics Gel Lyte V 30 Aniversario

Asics Gel Lyte V 30 Anniversary

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Asics Gel Lyte V 30th Anniversary. This retro sneaker model has become a cornerstone of the new tiger brand collections, and as it could not be less the Japanese brand has incorporated it into the fabulous "30th Anniversary Pack", which celebrates the launch of a of the most efficient technologies that are known, the GEL technology, which incorporates this classic of Asics, in its middle sole, offering a comfort like few, details of great quality, that have made emphasize the Japanese firm for decades, being proclaimed each Year as the leading brand in running, thanks in part to the fabulous technology we are talking about, which continues to be used in the latest models of the brand.

We present an excellent colorway in which a black base has been used as the main element of the shoe, which has been combined with details in a bright blue color, while in the middle sole we find a white color, as a base, combined with an effect splashed in light gray, the materials that have been employed in the manufacture of this magnificent retro sneaker, have been a selection of premium nobuck, combined with mesh panels and different synthetic fabrics, in the middle sole has been used EVA, a material that achieves great lightness, giving way to the great comfort offered by GEL technology, which completes this fabulous colorway of the "30th Anniversary Pack".

Discover in our sneakers and clothing store on line, the magnificent "30th Anniversary Pack" of Asics.

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