Asics Gel Lyte III Azul Espejismo "Moonwalker Pack"

Asics Gel Lyte III Blue Mirage "Moonwalker Pack"

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Asics Gel Lyte III Blue Mirage "Moonwalker Pack". One of the figures that best identifies the spirit of the Japanese brand Asics, this jewel of retro running has become one of the emblems of the Heritage brand line, a silhouette that was introduced in the market in 1991, highlighting for its midsole with GEL technology as its forked tongue, something never seen before in any other running shoe, today part of the sneaker culture, one of the models of sneakers most wanted sneakerheads all the world, besides being the subject of countless collaborations with shops and most important brands of the picture.

This time we present an excellent colorway in which we used a medium blue as the main base of the shoe, we can see occupying the bottom of the upper, while at the top we found a sand-colored on the other hand in the midsole find a shade of dark blue, covering the entire surface, the materials that have been used for the manufacture of this magnificent pair of runners have been a selection of premium nubuck combined with premium suede, details in smooth leather and different synthetics, midsole made of EVA, gets significantly reduce the overall weight, while the GEL system offers the greatest possible comfort.

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