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Sneakers Arkk Leopard Navy White

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Arkk Leopard Navy White. We have a new silhouette created by Arkk for this new Spring Summer 2016 collection, model shoes Arkk Leopard, an excellent silhouette, which have been used art materials, combined with an excellent and accurate color selection, definitely one of the silhouettes to be considered for this new season. Arkk has positioned itself as one of the fastest growing brands in step 2015, thanks to a great job with each of its products, without forgetting the magnificent sales price achieved each of these shoes.

We present an excellent colorway for the new silhouette Arkk Leopard, in which we see a navy blue as the main base of the shoe, which has been combined with small details in white, the latter we can see occupying the entire midsole, while its outer sole has a black color, the materials employed in the manufacture of this new silhouette, have been selected neoprene fabric, combined with elastic nylon, in their midsole has been used a composition of EVA expanded, to get a much lower weight and provide an extra in comfort.

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