New Collection Clothing Sportswear, Vintage, Streetwear Fila

  • Fila does not stop surprising us with his new creations, this time we have a hooded sweatshirt, which belongs to the new line Black Line, in which we find the highest quality garments, and with a more current design and style, always getting some finishes of excellent quality.

    89,95 €
  • La línea Black Line de la marca italiana Fila reúne las prendas de mayor calidad y con un estilo más actual, consiguiendo un producto muy cuidado, que ofrece una calidad excelente, una prueba del gran estado de forma de la marca transalpina, que no deja de sorprendernos después de más de 100 años de historia fabricando ropa deportiva.

    89,95 €
  • The return of the Italian brand Fila leaves us details of quality like this sweatshirt, a clear example of the product that offers one of the brands with more history and experience in the manufacture of high quality sportswear, which returns in this new stage with more strength that never and with an unmistakable style and design.

    79,95 €
  • One of the new capsule collections of the Italian brand Fila, called Bella Italia, in which we find a series of garments, made with high quality materials, in addition to a very characteristic design of the transalpine brand, as shown by this magnificent shirt short sleeve that we present to you next.

    39,99 €
  • The new collection Bella Italia from Fila leaves us samples of quality like this fantastic pants, the transalpine brand offers us a series of garments of a quality, which perfectly represent the classic style of the brand, but using materials and manufacturing techniques novelties, achieving great results.

    70,00 €
  • The mythical Italian brand Fila, presents its collection caps Bella Italia, which have used materials and techniques of last generation, to achieve sportswear of greater comfort and quality, always without neglecting the design so characteristic of this well-known brand of sportswear.

    89,99 €
  • The guys from Fila present their new Bella Italia capsule collection, a selection of high quality garments, with a current design and using new manufacturing techniques, achieving great results, as demonstrated by this great short sleeve shirt, inspired by the teams soccer.

    39,95 €
  • One of the brands with the most history and experience in the manufacture of sportswear, Fila has established itself over the decades as one of the leading brands in the world of sport, always offering quality sportswear and with a very careful design , in this new stage they present their line Black Line.

    85,00 €
  • The line Black Line of Fila, offers us high quality garments and magnificent finishes, a very characteristic style of the Italian brand, a reference in the manufacture of sportswear, as demonstrated by this magnificent hoodie and zipper, presented in a combination of very effective color.

    85,00 €
  • Fila has created a new line, called Bella Italia, in which very innovative materials and manufacturing techniques have been used, applied to the unmistakable style of the Italian brand, getting garments as fabulous as this hoodie, a high quality garment, which also It is presented in a very effective color combination.

    84,95 €
  • The Italian brand Fila has created a new product line, called Bella Italia, a selection of garments, which combine design and materials, achieving fabulous results, high quality details in each of the garments that make up this capsule collection, as shown this magnificent sweatshirt.

    69,99 €
  • The Italian brand Fila, presents its new Black Line collection, in which we find high quality products, with the characteristic finishes of the Italian brand, as shown by this magnificent hooded sweatshirt, presented in a very successful color, getting excellent finishes.

    89,95 €
  • The Italian brand Fila, presents its latest alliance with one of the benchmarks in the world of streetwear, the American Staple, has designed a collection capsule magnifica, where we can find details of great quality, coupled with the distinctive touch Staple offers, in each of its collections.

    31,50 € Reduced price!
  • The return of the Italian brand Fila is a fact, and to confirm the expected return, better than with a collaboration of great quality, for it the Italian brand has joined forces with the American Staple, making a capsule collection, which pays homage to the city of New York.

    41,30 € Reduced price!