Nena and Pasadena


  • This brand of streetwar clothing has become one of our latest additions to our catalog, a brand that has been characterized by the manufacture of pants and makes the leap to a garment manufacturing high quality, as shown in this fabulous sweatshirt, finished magnificent and striking design.

    119,99 €
  • We present which has become the flagship of the Australian brand Nena and Pasadena, model pants Flight Pants, a magnificent combination of design, elegance and comfort, the brand presents an amazing kaki green, made with best materials available on the market.

    73,50 € Reduced price!
  • Meet one of the pants that have grown the Australian brand Nena and Pasadena in an exceptional way, the model of pants Flght Pants, this time presented in a black color, trousers who was appointed in 2014 the best pants Europe, I we present this great brand clothing.

    84,00 € Reduced price!
  • The brand that is causing real revolution comes to our online, Nena and Pasadena, shop presents part of his new collection and especially of the clothes that best manufactured pants, as a good example of this gives us this fabulous Destroyer pants, a combination of excellent biker and jogger.

    109,20 € Reduced price!
  • We have one of the most popular models of the Australian brand Nena and Pasadena, the Champion model is a perfect combination of comfort and design, trousers made of high quality materials, achieving impeccable finish and presented in a wide range of colors.

    73,50 € Reduced price!